Vered Halutzi

Screenwriter & Animator

Creating worlds, one frame at a time.

It all started on one cold night…

Vered Halutzi did her best to avoid becoming a content creator. She was even trained as a pastry chef at an esteemed culinary school. However, between the cold walls of the kitchen, she had to listen to her heart. An enthusiastic creator since 2018, her films have graced the screens of prestigious international festivals, earning well-deserved accolades and awards. Currently, she is passionately crafting comedic series in both live-action and animation.

Feel free to reach out, Vered is always open for new creative collaborations.

Education and Work Experience:

Graduated with honors from her studies in screenwriting at Tel Aviv University and animation studies at the Israeli Animation College, Vered is more determined than ever to bring touching stories to the screen, infused with humor and a whole lot of heart. In addition to creating content, Vered has worked as a coordinator at the Screenwriters Guild of Israel and the Animation Guild of Israel. Before that, she was also lucky to volunteer as an actress at the Gay Ensemble in Tel Aviv during. Till this day, Vered has been highly active in advocating for creators’ rights and for the rights of the LGTBQ community.

My Services

Content development and editing services for film, television, and online platforms.

Experienced in both dramatic writing for adults and comedic writing for children, and vice versa.

Proficient in creating 2D character animations using techniques such as stop-motion, cut-out, and classic animation.


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